Ben Bushill „The Breathing Dark”

Z najlepszego albumu „muzycznego” na Ziemi…

Poemat: „The Breathing Dark” Ben Bushill
Muzyka: Ellen Molnia i Thomas Falk

The Breathing Dark

Relax into Miracle
Relax into miracle
Lie back
Rest your head on the living silence
Behind your own eyes,
Drop like a stone
Through the ocean of samsara
To the depths
Vibrant darkness of ages
From which all is born
Where all seeds are sown.
Rise like an eagle
On the warm wind of grace
And witness
The perfection of your life
Turning in the infinite mandala of creation.
Rest in wonder,
In mystery
Ride the back of the whale
As she dives and surfaces
From Light to dark
From Dark to light
And meet life there in her eye,
In that black pool
Read the mystery
Of yourself
Of your being
Know the golden truth of your heart
And the ageless silver grace
Of your eternal soul.
Relax into miracle
Rest your head upon wonder
Lie back
Curl up on the breast of God
For all is well
And the light of this moment
Bathes your eyes and heart
In softness, silence
And the deep sigh of homecoming.
Where do I lay my head
Where do I lay my head
in the quiet moments?
On my fragile dreams?
On the shadowy chest
Of who I think I am?
Or do I rest in warmth
Step inside
Draw my soul up to the hearth
Open my chest to the flames
And let the ageless sigh arise
From the depths
As compassion caresses my face
Soft as fire light
In the breathing dark
Just stop,
Endless waves of thought and feeling,
Needs and hopes
Dreams and nightmares.
Just stop,
Rest my love
The gifts that are given
Are not to be a burden.
Hold them close,
Close to your heart
Your cheek on the velvet softness of your own self.
You deserve the gift
And your action is as soft as the rain.
Give thanks
And dignity will fall about you like snow.
Peace friend, peace.

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